The fantastical world of Enchanted Art

About the Creators of

We are a group of fantasy art lovers who wanted to inform others about Enchanted Art. Although Jessica Galbreth discontinued the collection in 2010 for personal reasons, we continue to admire her work to this day, and we wanted to use this website to inform others about it. As such, we are no longer the official website of Enchanted Art, and we are not officially affiliated with Enchanted Art or Jessica Galbreth in any way.

We foremost wanted to create this website in order to inform other fans of fantasy art about this collection. Although it was quite popular among fantasy art circles during the 2000s, Galbreth discontinued this line of work after 2010, and its following naturally shrank. However, despite her retirement from fantasy art, Galbreth’s work remains known as one of the most diverse and extensive collections of fantasy art to date, and many of her fans and featured artists continue to pursue this craft. We therefore wanted to give newcomers to the fantasy art scene a bit more information about a famous collection.

Additionally, we created this website out of admiration for the broad scope of Enchanted Art as well as Galbreth’s personal dedication to this body of work throughout its tenure. Through Enchanted Art, Galbreth essentially created an empire, selling everything from art prints to gift items like candles and incense. Enchanted Art featured a remarkable array of artwork and items that featured hundreds of original fairies along with a massive selection of other mythical creatures from goddesses to dragons. At the end of her fantasy art career, Galbreth’s work was even featured in the movie Nights in Rodanthe, which starred Diane Lane and Richard Gere. However, despite this massive success, she still took great care to oversee many aspects of Enchanted Art, and she continued to personally sign each art print. Even when she officially retired Enchanted Art, she still left a note for her fans to tell them where she moved her online presence as well as a contact email for any questions.

We hope you have enjoyed learning more about Enchanted Art!