The fantastical world of Enchanted Art

About the Artist Behind Enchanted Art, Jessica Galbreth

Jessica Galbreth was born in Ohio in April 1974. As a child, she explored her passions for the supernatural and fantasy art, and after she won an award for her paintings in high school, she pursued fine art at the University of Toledo. After she graduated, Jessica set out to begin her professional career, so she naturally pursued fantasy art.

In 1999, Jessica started Enchanted Art to publish her collections, and her website quickly gained momentum among fantasy art lovers throughout the world. She quickly became a well-known and diverse fantasy artist, publishing websites dedicated to fairies and dragons alike. Galleries and private collectors still own many of her original paintings, and she’s sold countless prints and gift items made with her art.

In 2001, she married her high school sweetheart, Josh, and moved to Waterville, Ohio, where they bought their first house. Then, in 2003, she had her daughter, Julia Rose, and she later gave birth to her son, Joe.

The End of Enchanted Art

Despite her original passion for fantasy art, Jessica Galbreth retired her Enchanted Art body of work in 2010, and she has since become a devout Christian, rejecting her original art as “satanic.” According to an interview with the Christian Broadcast Network, Jessica states that her art had gotten darker as it impacted her mental health, and her daughter began developing abnormal fears. Then, one of her son’s classmate’s parents began to challenge Jessica and her husband’s beliefs, and they revisited the Bible. As they developed their Christian faith, Jessica decided to end her pursuit of fantasy art, and the couple got rid of the fantasy art throughout their house.

Despite this major life change, Jessica still continues to create art. She has shifted her focus to angel art, inspirational art, and jewelry making, and she now publishes her work on a new website, called The Vintage Angel, that is named after her Victorian and vintage inspired jewelry designs. Jessica’s artistic talent has earned her similar success with her new projects. In fact, her jewelry line has become so popular that her husband, Josh, has joined her in making it in order to keep up with high demand. As her jewelry line has grown, it has been featured in fashion shoots, blogs, and collections throughout the world. Although the art she now creates is a major departure from Enchanted Art, her talent and vision remain a key component of her continued success.