The fantastical world of Enchanted Art

Where to Buy

As you browse this website, you may want to purchase a bit of Enchanted Art to decorate your home. However, after Jessica Galbreth retired this collection, she cleared her warehouse of Enchanted Art products, and she no longer sells any items from the collection directly. However, you can find many Enchanted Art prints, collectibles, and other items from other sellers on the internet.


On Amazon, a simple search for “Jessica Galbreth” or “Enchanted Art” yields hundreds of results. Amazon features leftovers from Galbreth’s old web store as well as products from other sellers that featured Enchanted Art products. However, because many of these products are left over from Enchanted Art’s heyday, they may not be the most popular or sought-after products. The products you buy will be authentic, though, due to Amazon’s intense seller verification processes. You can also find Galbreth’s book and card collections through Amazon.


You can also find many Enchanted Art items on eBay. Because eBay is more open to individual, one-off sellers, you’re more likely to find rarer pieces here, but keep two warnings in mind: first, some sellers on eBay may not be selling a legitimate piece of art. Though eBay has made strides in blocking these users, some may still try to dupe you. Therefore, if you see a rare collectible at a too-good-to-be-true price, look into the seller to make sure they have a good history. Second, if you do strike gold, act quickly! Rare pieces are sure to move fast since they’re no longer in production.

Other Websites

Many websites dedicated to fairy and fantasy art still sell Jessica Galbreth’s work as part of their collections. Some of these websites are:
- Faery’s Whimsy
- Fairy Glen
- Burning Desires Gifts

Many of these websites are legitimate, but they may not be well-maintained. Therefore, while you likely aren’t going to fall victim to a scam, you may pay more for slower shipping than you will through Amazon or eBay. We recommend researching these kinds of websites to see how responsive and fast they are. However, because these websites are devoted to fantasy or fairy art, they are fellow fans who may carry rare items, so they are a great source for collectors looking to avoid the pitfalls of eBay.