The fantastical world of Enchanted Art

About Enchanted Art

Enchanted Art not only refers to Jessica Galbreth’s entire body of fantasy work, but also a particular subset that refers to her very first works, which focus primarily on fairies, goddesses, and other feminine-form fantasy creatures (with the occasional dragon or unicorn). Galbreth initially titled all of her work Enchanted Art, but as her art and presence developed, Galbreth created separate projects such as Night Magick and Faery Blessings to better specialize her collections. However, her entire body of work continued to fall under the umbrella of Enchanted Art.

The Original Enchanted Art Collection

Jessica Galbreth initially published her Enchanted Art collection on the internet in 1999. Her captivating drawings of fairies and other mythical creatures quickly earned her a large following, enabling Galbreth to become a full-time artist. As her collections grew and expanded, she maintained the title of Enchanted Art for her entire body of work, but the title also referred to a gallery of her very first works. Although her later work would become more specialized and advanced, the original Enchanted Art gallery remained popular, selling many prints and other gift items.

Other Collections Within Enchanted Art

As Enchanted Art grew and expanded, Galbreth created specialized galleries that focused on particular themes and creatures. These sub-galleries included:
- Faery Blessings: a collection of mystical fairies with motivational sayings like “just believe” or “live your dreams.”
- Angel Virtues: this precursor to Galbreth’s current project features angels that represent virtues such as courage or love.
- Night Magick: a collection of darker fantasy art featuring gothic goddesses and fairies and other dark creatures, such as vampires.
- Zodiac Fairies: fairies that represent each sign of the Zodiac.
- Dragon Crossing: a collection of dragon drawings and paintings.
- Holiday Faeries: a collection of fairies for the holiday season, including works titled “Holiday Splendor” and “Yule Faery.”
- Fairy Visions: captivating fairies drawn on black paper with white and monochromatic details.
- Little Blessings: a collection made from downsized versions of Galbreth’s original art with blessings overlain on each piece.

In addition to these sub-galleries, Galbreth’s Enchanted Art also featured other products that ranged from fairy figurines to homemade bath salts. While many of these additional products were hand-crafted by Galbreth and the Enchanted Art team, some featured items – like cross stitch patterns by Heaven & Earth Designs – were outsourced to Enchanted Art’s trusted partners. Enchanted Art thus evolved from a small collection of fantasy prints to a diverse collection of art and handmade gift items.