The fantastical world of Enchanted Art

Enchanted Art’s Annual Contest and Featured Artist

In 2007, Jessica Galbreth decided to start her own annual fantasy art contest as a way of helping young artists flourish and succeed. She would accept a number of entries, and the winner would be rewarded with publicity on Enchanted Art, a limited-edition book from Jessica, and a gift card for art supplies. Though the contest was intended to run annually, it only occurred from 2007-2009, ending as Jessica stepped back from Enchanted Art.

The Contest’s Rules

In order to ensure a fair contest, Galbreth established a handful of rules to limit entries. The first – and most important – rules regarded the type of art submitted. All art needed to fit within fantasy, magical, and/or mythological genres, and it had to address the assigned theme. Galbreth also specified certain acceptable mediums, which included most paintings, drawings, sculptures, and digital artworks. Finally, she naturally also stipulated that all art needed to be original.

The other rules primarily governed submission format and other regulations. For example, the rules distinctly specified that contestants would be limited to a single entry per year, and they could not revise their entry once they submitted it.

Contest Themes

In order to inspire her contestants to create interesting and individual pieces, Galbreth chose unique themes for each year that the contest ran. In 2007, the chosen theme was “Mermaid Magic,” which entailed anything related to mermaids. Contestants could create fantastical, beautiful mermaids from fairy tales or the dark, haunting mermaids from Greek mythology. Shortly after announcing the 2007 winner, Galbreth announced 2008’s theme, Gothic Romance, in order to allow submitters to prepare for the upcoming contest. This theme allowed submitters more leeway in the figures or creatures that they could submit while still providing a distinct theme. Similarly, the 2009 contest featured a theme of “Moonlit Magick.”

Contest Winners – Featured Artists

The 2007 contest winner was Trish Gentry, who submitted a painting called “Mermaid Fantasy.” Trish is a fantasy artist who runs a blog called Wylde At Heart. Her art range and style is remarkably similar to Galbreth’s, but she tends to use brighter colors and venture less into gothic territory. If you are interested in more of Gentry’s work, visit her CafePress shop.

Rebecca Sinz won the 2008 contest with a watercolor painting titled “Gothic Lament.” Sinz’s Elven Star Art benefitted tremendously from the exposure on Enchanted Art, and she continues to remain an active fantasy artist to this day. If you like Enchanted Art, you should absolutely check out Elven Star!