The fantastical world of Enchanted Art

Jessica Galbreth’s Welcome Note

Despite her growing fame, Jessica Galbreth took great care to give a personal touch to both her website and her artwork. For years, the home page of featured a welcome note from Galbreth herself. This note began by stating her intention to envelop her visitors in her enchanted world of mythical creatures and gothic elegance, providing them with troves of goodies from art prints to handmade candles. Then, in her next paragraph, she described her personal investment in her artwork and products, noting that she wanted her buyers to have a positive experience with her artwork. Finally, she thanked her fans for their appreciation.

This welcome note demonstrated Galbreth’s commitment to having a personal relationship with her fans as well as her devotion to her craft. Therefore, in addition to her personalized notes and hand-signed prints, she made numerous appearances to interact with fans and even devoted portions of her website to give advice to aspiring artists.

Public Appearances

Galbreth regularly made public appearances for Enchanted Art and kept her fans up to date through her website. She frequented faerie festivals, renaissance fairs, and other conventions to not only sell her work, but to interact with fans, too. At the Michigan Renaissance Faire, for example, she openly advertised when she would be signing prints, and she even hosted a handful of costume contests on particular days. Additionally, she went above and beyond for her fans at one of her favorite events, Faerie Con, by organizing a 25% discount on tickets through her website. Galbreth’s frequent and well-advertised public appearances indicate her commitment to giving her all to her fans.

Advice to Aspiring Artists

Galbreth also devoted pages on her website to fans that also aspired to become fantasy artists. She offered practical advice through a manual and tutorial, and she also wrote a personal letter offering advice to her admirers. In the letter, she discusses how she first got started as well as the people who helped to motivate and inspire her along the way. Then, after briefly addressing negativity in the industry of fantasy art, she offers bolded advice to her readers, including positive ideas such as self-confidence and treating others kindly. She also included advice for both beginner artists, such as practicing, and for those who were more advanced, such as merchandising and keeping passion alive. Overall, this brief section demonstrates Galbreth’s personal investment in her website and her fans.